”I am too damn tired to deal with this shit right now to be honest….sorry.”

Appearance Edit

Takuya is rather tall and lanky, with sharp features, Blue eyes and shaggy light brown hair that is long in the front and short in the back. He almost always has headphones on, the headphones are black with cerulean glowly markings and metallic cat ears. He wears shiny tight black jeans, with a white tank top that has black circuitry markings tucked into said jeans, grey leather belt, tall black boots with matching glowy markings as his headphones, on top of all this he wears a grey leather jacket with cerulean accents. His hands are adorned with black gloves. There are two blue oval shaped lights on his palms.

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Backstory Edit

Takuya was raised in a privileged household with lots of things for him to do. Being that the Hiroto family is rather wealthy, he was free to explore and learn as he pleased. He learned of many complex and refined things at a young age. Although he did not fully understand them, he strived to learn more of such complexities. First he worked his way through learning various computer system technologies before finally discovering how to implement them in unique ways.

Eventually he became fascinated with what modern programming is capable of and he began to create simulations. Simulations that could educate, inform, or entertain the public in perfect clarity. He wanted to bring light and knowledge to the world of those who needed it and the perfect way to learn is to experience it. He is currently trying to give schools around the globe this higher form of education that he has established, though it is difficult due to the technology being very expensive. Even so, he won many awards for his efforts and Hope’s Peak took an interest in him for his talent and creations.

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