"To break free from your shackles, you just have to be free in spirit!"

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Sharp looking, Seiichi has light brown messy hair and ocean blue irises in his eyes, with a relatively around facial structure. Almost always looking stylish one way or another, Seiichi naturally equips a pair of glasses as well, frame tight due to his running around. For attire, he typically wears headphones around his neck with a loose jacket over a shirt of some kind. Wears light coloured long track pants, and running shoes that cover his ankle to prevent sprains.


Skills And AbilitiesEdit


Seiichi Igarashi, also known as Felix, which is used as his alias, is a well-known traceur. Seiichi initially was completely unknown, but soon, tales begin arising of a mysterious child who performed incredible feats of free running spread across Japan. He had turned into a legend without realizing it, and the first recorded video of Seiichi emerged when he was a mere 10 years old, spotted dashing across rooftops. Seiichi capitalized on this upon learning from his foster parents who had found him in said video, and tapped into his potential as a parkour master. Interviews with Seiichi reveals that he has been training by himself since young, although details on his true parents are unknown, and kept secret by the boy himself along with his foster parents. At the age of 14, Seiichi entered a global parkour competition, despite his young age, and impressed the world with his ability to keep up with even the masters, almost defying gravity with his own unique wall running trick, able to scale walls previously thought impossible as he pushed upwards with his feet. In addition to that, he displayed mastery of multiple tricks, and barely beat the best traceurs to the finish line in an obstacle course race. Hope’s Peak took notice, and Seiichi received his invite shortly after for his incredible parkour and freerunning abilities, as well as the critical note that ever since he has become famous, Seiichi has never been in any serious accidents despite the risks he takes with his talent. Seiichi’s abilities as a master level Traceur is unparalleled, and he has shown the capability to perform superhuman feats with incredible agility, making it seem like he defies gravity at times with pinpoint precision on his landings. He has yet to suffer any severe injuries like sprains and fractures his whole life.