“Some people in life might get on your nerves… but hey, you can always forgive and forget, that way you can work with that person in the future…”

Appearance Edit

Nobu has short, messy black hair. It should, by all rights be straight. But due to very little hair care other than the occasional haircut, it has quickly become unruly. Other than this though, she has light brown eyes with no other facial adornments. For clothing, she has a hockey jersey on, that is way too big for her body. But the jersey is mainly white, other than the top portion of the jersey (Collar bone and sleeves) being orange. The jersey falls down to about her knees with how large it is. Underneath the jersey though, she is wearing, well, it’s just a dark blue t-shirt with very little design and nothing notable about it, other than the fact that it fits. It is also barely visible from the collar bone area of the jersey. For pants, Nobu adorns herself with just plain black sports pants, which are basically just pants that are like tights, but built for maximum movement. And then for shoes she has all black shoes with white laces, similar to hockey skates.

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Backstory Edit

Playing hockey from a young age, Nobu was destined for greatness on the ice. With support from her friends, and growing up in Sendai, a hockey loving area, she had everything set up to get into the Asian International Hockey League. In fact, it was well known to those interested in hockey, that as Nobu approached her later years in school, she was getting asked, or in some cases, begged, to sign onto university's hockey teams.

Surprisingly, no one knew of Nobu’s skills until recently when she was 15! She was doing a scrimmage with some of her friends from school, and when someone realized how well she played the game, they filmed it. Through word of mouth, news of her abilities have spread far and wide, eventually leading to Hope’s Peak taking notice in this. She was invited to the school as the SHSL Hockey Player at the age of 17!

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