"That was actually a different episode, the one you’re thinking of had a serial killer, not a spree killer, and-- Oh, sorry, I was doing it again…"

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In terms of proportions, Miyuki is of average height for a 17 year old girl. She’s very thin, with hazel eyes and short red hair that curls up at the ends.

Miyuki wears to school what she wears to court, in case she has to leave school to go attend to a case or vice versa. She wears a white button up shirt under a black sweater vest and brown uniform jacket. Her skirt is yellow plaid, and matches the color of the ribbon tied under her collar and the headband in her hair. She wears typical student loafers and black thigh-high socks.

Her court credentials are usually pinned to her jacket, regardless of where she is. You can’t see it because she wears it under her sweater, but Miyuki is always wearing a long thin golden chain with her mother’s engagement ring hanging on it.

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Backstory Edit

Since her father was their town’s Chief Inspector and her mother was a probation officer, Miyuki was surrounded by criminal justice culture starting the day she was born; she can’t remember a time when she wasn’t interested in the law and order of society.

At age 7, her mother passed away. So, if her father got called to court to testify at a point in the day when Miyuki was home, he would bring her to court with him instead of leaving her by herself in the house. The stenographers, mostly all older women, would let Miyuki come sit next to them during the trials so she wouldn't have to sit in the gallery alone once her dad was on the witness stand.

From all the court sessions she spent watching the stenographer type, Miyuki was able to pick up stenography and shorthand at a very young age and perfect it shortly thereafter. Her typing speed and accuracy became unmatchable; she never misses so much as a sniffle on the stand. Because of that, Miyuki is hired as the stenographer on high profile cases across the country.

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