"It's not ‘just making tea’. The moment you step foot into the tea room, there's this air of wonder and solemnity that can't be described. It's why I fell in love with it in the first place. I would appreciate if you did not mock it.”

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Midori has light green hair that she keeps tied up, brown eyes and a small stature. She usually wears a elaborate pink kimono fit for tea ceremonies, along with matching wooden sandals and white socks and carries around a fan in her hand. She has a light pink flower ornament in her hair as well.

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The Ochako Teahouse is a veneered and well-respected establishment, dating back to the 1800s. Complaints of the Teahouse being old fashioned and out of place were quelled by the next in line to inherit the Teahouse, Midori Ochako.

Her gentle nature, skill at performing the tea ceremony and graceful features gained her fame and popularity with young and old alike. The younger generation were amazed at how deep and thought provoking the tea ceremony process was, while the older generation were astounded at how this young girl was able to capture the traditional roots and practices of tea ceremony so effortlessly. Midori combined the western influences of innovative tea brewing with the traditional influence of Japanese tea ceremonies, revitalizing the entire industry.

The waiting lines to take part in one of the Ochako Tea Ceremonies were very long, often having to reserve months in advance just to be one of the five people admitted to her ceremonies. Tea antique sellers fight to be able to have their wares used during said ceremonies, as a antique used during one of the ceremonies is an antique sold for a high price.

Midori didn't stop there though. Entering into High School, she set-up a Tea Ceremony Club in her school, which soon became one of the most popular after school activities in the school. People of various clubs would join in on their sessions just to see Midori perform what she was so talented at.

Soon, Hope’s Peak sent Midori an invitation to their school as the Super High School Level Tea Ceremony Club Member, and Midori graciously accepted. A graduate from the prestigious school would do wonders for the Teahouse after all.

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