"All of the wonders of our world and even those of others can be found in a well-stocked library."

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Lewis is a bit on the lanky side, with green eyes and shoulder-length reddish-brown hair. His regular outfit consists of a white dress shirt, black trousers, a light green vest, a blue suit jacket with black trim on the lapels and pockets, an orange bow tie with white polka-dots, brown dress shoes, a monocle, and a blue top hat with a black band to match his jacket.

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Backstory Edit

According to his “About the Author” section on the back of his books, Lewis was born in a secluded village near an enchanted wood, which held an opening to the realm of Lystrantica. He spent most of his childhood playing with the various strange creatures and people he encountered there, considering it his second home. As he grew older, he eventually decided to write accounts of the events he saw and the tales the wonderful creatures and people told him, occasionally paying a visit again whenever he finds the time in his busy schedule.

He eventually published several books about this magical world, and released a new one each year. After achieving several worldwide bestsellers, he was scouted by Hope’s Peak.

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