"Perfection is small things done well.”

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Black hair, dark brown eyes with a trendy haircut. Lucas is a normal build, with noticeably thicker forearms from working in a kitchen. He has the scars of old cuts on his fingers and the shadows of old burns on his arms. His appearance is mottled, with freckles, sharp eyes, and a well defined nose.

At work, he wears a tailored chef’s coat. Day to day, he wears typical street clothes, preferring t-shirts and jeans, although willing to splurge on jackets for cold weather.

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Lei Kun is a successful chef owner of ‘Light and Clap’, his flagship restaurant based out of Hong Kong. The estranged son of the powerful Wu family, he is a self-made success story and an inspiration to budding chefs.

He grew up in Shanghai before moving to Hong Kong at thirteen years old to work as a line cook. He worked his way up to sous chef at the age of fifteen before leaving to start his own restaurant, Light and Clap.

Light and Clap was a tremendous undertaking, an international restaurant which honored Lei Kun’s roots. His dishes are modern and multicultural, reflecting Hong Kong, the city he had trained in. What made the restaurant famous and captured the imagination of social media was his refined, ice and snow themed plating.

Light and Clap has earned Lei Kun a place in the Michelin Guide and he is among the youngest chefs to hold a Michelin star. He is hardworking, determined, and absolutely devoted to his job. When asked what his favorite food was, he answered, “小笼包 (soup dumplings)” - available year round at his restaurant

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