"I believe your logic is flawed."

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He is dressed in his school uniform which consists of black loafers, dark gray dress pants, a tan dress shirt, a brown sweater vest, and a yellow tie. He has bright blue eyes and medium length black hair with a small cowlick. He is very short especially for his age and is quite thin.

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Koharu Takayama is an extremely intelligent young man. He was a part of the Japan puzzle team and competed in the World Puzzle Championship. He helped Japan bring home the silver medal in the team competition but was sadly defeated in the individual tournament. He is known in the puzzling community as Hitori meaning alone, because puzzle competitions are usually comprised of team entries but Koharu would enter alone and still win. Hitori is also a type of number puzzle so the name stuck. He is a very relaxed individual and constantly unnerves other puzzlers by how calm his demeanor is. After his impressive showing in the World Puzzle Championship, he received a letter from Hopes Peak Academy, offering him the opportunity to enroll in the main course.

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