”Llamas are the best pets in the whole wide world!”

Kanata was the first student to be murdered, she was suffocated with a pillow by Hayate Araki in Chapter 1.

Appearance Edit

Wears a black sleeveless vest-shirt with the upper half above the bust being deep purple and a tall neck collar in light yellow. Underneath that is a black t-shirt. She also wears a black skirt with deep purple trim and black boots with light yellow trim. Under that she wears purple to white tights going upward in color shift. Her eyes are lilac and she has blue hair that fades to purple at the end. The hair is cut short to avoid getting in her way when performing, cut downward, inverse. She also has a tall ahoge and fair skin.

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Ultimate Acrobat Edit

Backstory Edit

Kanata grew up in a circus environment. Her family had various roles and because of this, she traveled around a lot. She spent a lot of time on the trapeze but enjoys performing pole vaults, trampoline jumps, ball and ribbon tricks, hoop tricks, and various other acrobatic feats. She also spends a bit of her free time practicing parkour moves as that helps improve her skills for the stage.

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