Gifts can be obtained from the Monomono Machine in the ski lodge. There's no cost to use it, but you will be cut off if you overuse it. Gifts can be given during Daily Life and during Free Time Events, though gift exchanges are not mandatory. Gifts obtained from the machine cannot be used for murder under any circumstances.

Currently, 70 unique items have been obtained.

Gift Description Obtained By
50 Watt Megaphone Not very loud, but loud enough to reach a wide audience. The handle seems to have been burned. Lei Kun
Adorable Reactions Collection A DVD that contains footage of people reacting to various pieces of art. Midori
Another Battle A video cassette of a “chivalrous yakuza” film. As a unique yakuza movie without a single scene of confrontation, it became quite popular. It’s the first in a series. Hayate
Apron Dress A dress that resembles a maid's uniform When you wear, it might seem like you cannot defy their master, but in fact they’re capable of controlling said master. Angela, Nobu
B-Team Brand Hair Dye Perfect for getting that light music look. Somehow multiple colors are found in a single container, and a light spray will last you a whole trial. Koharu, Ran
Bagged Goldfish Looks like a child's prize item from a carnival. Better get him into a fishbowl soon. Lewis, Seiichi, Sven
Barbershop Scissors A pair of worn down scissors. They must have been used for many haircuts. Shiina
Beekeeper Hat A nice veil to protect your face from bees. No suit to go with it though, so good luck. Lewis
Blue Blanket A thin, simple blanket. It’s pretty comfortable. Ran
Blueberry Perfume Very popular with men these days. But to be honest, although it does attract the ladies, most guys hate the smell... Kagari, Lewis
Brightly Colored Jeans Ragged jeans that belonged to a detective whose strong sense of justice led him to bark at the sun. They’re very specifically ragged jeans. They’re frayed here and there. It is most likely a "Bark at the Sun! ", a very famous and long-running detective drama. Kagari, Miyuki, Shizukana
Broken Button The button to something, although you can’t tell what. The label is hard to read, though it looks like it says “Vote M-”. Kagari
Broken Siren It’s a police siren, although it doesn’t seem to work anymore. Shiina
Bunny Earmufs One of the most popular items from gothic lolita designer Ina Bauer. Lewis
Butterscotch Candy Just regular batch of butterscotch in wraps. Sven
Cloth Wrap Backpack A cloth wrap with a very fashionable design. Perfect for giving presents to modern girls and elders. Nothing you wrap with this will be sent forward or backward in time. Shiina
Deck of Cards A worn deck of cards that must have been used for a long time. On the inside of the box, a message is written: “Magic isn’t real.” Miyuki, Sven
Delinquent’s Jacket A black high-school level jacket usually worn over the shoulders. Ran
Desperation A collection of famous songs from Furuta Tatsurou, a singer-songwriter who paved the way for a new era of folk songs. Seiichi
Devil Horns Some nice looking horns you can wear on your head. It might remind you of this weird comic that everyone knows and loves to hate. Ran
Duralumin Rod Made of a light metal noted for its versatility. Brand name, from the famous Strawberry House Rod Shop. Hayate, Miyuki
Expensive Sunglasses Someone actually bought these? They cost more money than they’re worth, and now they’re all yours! Lewis
Explosive GameGirl A normal GameGirl console, except that a bomb has been placed inside, meant to go off if your score isn’t satisfactory. The only winning move is to not play. Seiichi
Faded Autograph You can’t make out the person in the photograph, but the autograph itself is still readable, although it’s hard to read. It seems to say: “I’m Sayaka”. Lei Kun
Falkor Muffler A muffler created from the fur a legendary luckdragon. It's sweltering hot to wearing summer. Koichi
Foam Covered Towel It’s not clear what the foamy substance on this towel is, but what is clear is that this is not something you want to use. Hayate
Fresh Bindings Strips of cotton cloth. They were once commonly used for underwear and bandages. They say when you wrap it around yourself, both body and soul become taut. Hana, Lewis, Sven
Frozen Spiced Steak Completely frozen, and quite solid. This brand is notorious for the spice of their steak, but this one looks pretty salty as well. Hayate, Ran, Sven
G-Sick Most people consider it a "throwaway watch" due to its poor quality. Still, it enjoys massive popularity thanks to its low price. Shiina
Girl with the Bear Hairpin A masterpiece from the realist artist, Riskini Harden Phenomenon. It was reported last year that he immersed himself in despair, and was constantly painting the entire time. Lewis, Seiichi, Shizukana
Green Costume As soon as you put this on, you'll feel like you can take on any challenge. It resembles a stereotypical dinosaur. Koharu, Ran
God of War Charm A charm devised by the protective deity of martial arts, the Great and Gracious Kashima. Sven
Golden Airplane A golden sculpture said to represent a plane or spaceship. It was found in ruins in Colombia dated to around 1,000 CE, indicating to some that this represents an "OOPArt". Shiina
"If" Fax Used to distribute a full-length novel based on what the world would look like if all of someone's dreams came true. Akira
Infrared Thermometer By detecting the infrared radiation released by your body, this thermometer can measure temperature based on the infrared rays emitted by the human body. Angela, Ran
Iroha T-Shirt An ordinary shirt with the “Iroha Song” on it in fine print. “Although its scent still lingers on the form of a flower has scattered away For whom will the glory of this world remain unchanged? Arriving today at the yonder side of the deep mountains of evanescent existence We shall never allow ourselves to drift away intoxicated, in the world of shallow dreams.” Koharu, Ran
Iron Helmet Should protect you from head injuries, but it’s way too big for you to wear. Lewis
Jabbaian Jewelry A pendant with a palm tree motif. On Jabberwock Island, these are traditionally passed down from parent to child, and from child to grandchild. Sven
Kitten Hairclip A hairclip in the shape of a little kitty cat. Properly placed, it can make a girl positively sparkle. Koharu
Maiden's Handbag Available only at the posh Maiden Road, which is geared toward female fanfic fans. Please, PLEASE take me with you next time you go! Kagari
Many-Sided Dice Set A full set of dice consisting of a d4, d8, d10, d12, and d20. Created to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the world-famous tabletop RPG: Mazes and Monsters. Kagari, Ran
Mariachi CD A demo CD for some music with a latin flair. Signed by a… Meximaru? Angela
Marine Snow Snow that floats in the deep sea, showing fantastical beauty. It’s actually plankton corpses. Lewis
Massage Oil Oil used for massages. The oil looks like it’s clear though. Ran
Millennium Prize Problems These seven important mathematical problems were posted by the Clay Mathematics Institute, with a reward of one million dollars for each one solved. Kagari, Koichi, Ran, Takuya
Mini Shrine The shrine doesn’t seem to be from anything familiar. Might be from a cult though. Lewis
Monokuma Dagger A rusted dagger with a red and white hilt. Nobu
Novelist's Fountain Pen It once belonged to a late, great novelist. They say the writer's soul is sealed within the pen, and any user can only write one sentence: "I have become something not human". Ran
Ofudas Can’t leave home without these if you want to repel ghosts! Kagari, Midori, Ran
Old Eyepatch An old eyepatch said to belong to a certain scientist… Koharu, Ran
Orb Not sure what’s so special about this thing. Looks like a regular glass sphere to me. Lei Kun, Ran
Pink Bow A nice pink bow that you can tie around your hair. Sven
Prince Shotoku's Globe A spherical representation of Earth, about the size of a softball. Some believe it to be an "OOPArt" since it depicts a round Earth, despite being many centuries old.

Akira, Lei Kun, Nobu, Ran

Quality Chinchilla Cover A dark red seat cover. Its refined design is intended for only the most elite clientele. Koichi
Red Scarf A scarf belonging to a certain masked hero. It's tattered and worn due to the countless battles it's been through. Koichi
Red Sneakers These seemed to be owned by someone who probably never took them off. They’re way too worn out now to wear. Lewis
Robot Arm A cool looking arm of a robot. Where’s the rest of it? Lewis
Rose In Vitro A small rose stored inside a test tube. Makes a great gift. It's good for both hellos and farewells. In the language of flowers, a red rose means passionate love. Kagari
Sacred Tree Sprig The branch from a sakaki tree, commonly used in Shinto rituals. It serves as a connection between humans and the gods. Ran
Secrets of the Omoplata A little-known book about Brazilian jiu-jitsu that teaches high-level shoulder lock techniques. "Omoplata" is another word for the scapula, or shoulder blade. Sven
Self Defense Book It teaches you lots of ways to protect yourself including on how to perform a chokehold. Useful for dealing with people who just won't go to sleep too. Lei Kun
Signed Basketball It’s an autographed basketball that seems to be addressing someone, but the writing is in Spanish. Ran, Shiina
Silver Ring A ring made of very pure silver. There’s a naturally-occurring pink tourmaline set into the back. If you don’t know what to present someone with, give them this. Lewis
Tattered Notebook A notebook that’s supposedly from a world famous psychologist who kept notes of his class, but the handwriting is all chicken scratch so good luck deciphering this. Shiina
The Second Button The button from a school uniform which increases in value as graduation approaches. In a few cases, reservations are necessary. Akira, Kagari
Tips & Tips A thick book that has hints and codes for every game ever released. A must-have for any true gaming fanatic. Lei Kun, Sven
Tips & Tips 2nd Edition A thick book that has hints and codes for every game ever released. The 2nd Edition now includes tips for clearing even the most difficult levels. A must-have for any true gaming fanatic. Lewis, Shizukana
Trebuchet A miniature model of a medieval trebuchet, a type of catapult. Koichi, Lewis, Ran
Ubiquitous Handbook A notebook designed for the greatest ease in writing down every single thing that happens in a day. There’s a storable ballpoint pen attached. Shiina
Vise A tool used to grip and stabilize materials (like metal) to shape and fix it. Somehow, just the name conveys a strong sense of power... Angela