"If I could set the world into a new Ice Age, I would."

Fuyuki is the Super High School Level Climatologist. He was the first one of the students to be killed; after disobeying the rules, he was attacked, and murdered by Monokuma. It is presumed that he was shot, and he was mauled by an unknown animal. His body was discovered at the end of the Prologue.

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He’s a somewhat puffy looking person when wearing his usual attire similar to a snow attire at almost all times with the hoodie up. Light blue eyes and from what you can tell with the attire, his hair is black. He wears a turquoise snow jacket(Hoodies included) with fake fur on the inside and underneath is a black turtleneck you can covering him up to his neck. His pants are just regular blue snow pants with black winter leggings underneath. For his face he wears a separate sky blue mask he wears to cover his mouth. Then there’s an orange tinted goggles he wears on his head that usually only come down when required. He wears standard snow boots that match the color of his ski suit and also black gloves on his hands.

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If someone were to be engrossed in the very specific kind of climate research involving only data from the antarctic then this would be the person you’d first come across, Fuyuki Moriyama. When family matters left his father unable to leave him with any relatives it ended up with 7 year old Fuyuki following his father all the way to the other side of the world in one of the coldest places on Earth. Through a lack of proper supervision, Fuyuki’s father found him comparing listing the data gathered he took at breathtaking pace and finished what was supposed to be work for a whole month in just a few days. It wasn’t just him being a genius though, the child picked up on his passion of the Earth way before coming onto that trip with his father, he just never had the chance to do anything about it before this.

Most of his works after that first breakthrough can be found in some undistinguished papers or some no-name journalist that spoke about it when it was relevant. Being mostly faded away until he accepted Hope’s Peak scouting of his person after many years of trying to get to him since his very first breakthrough. He’s back in the public eye again for the first time in 10 years. It’s time to make another splash.

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