VICTIM - Takuya Hiroto

BLACKENED - Ran Fujisawa (Though he wasn't found out, nor executed)

PUNISHED - Hana Ichii

Daily Life Edit

Upon the conclusion of the first trial, the 18 remaining students return to the lodge to get some rest, only for them to be dragged along into a new area the very next morning.

A downhill ride on the Gondola from the Ski Lodge, the newly-discovered second area, or A2, is found to be ripe with various entertainment and recreational amenities.

The students spend the day exploring the area and continuing to interact with each other and with the facilities.

On the second day, things come to a heat when Monokuma summons everyone to A2 and announces a motive for the murder: unless a killing happens, everyone will remain there and be starved to death.

A significant amount of time passes, and each student's sense of time begins blurring drastically as they lose energy.

Deadly Life Edit

After some additional time, as the students continue slowly rotting to death, a change of pace occurs when, after some happenings at the Theater, the body of Takuya Hiroto is discovered in the Film Room.