"What’s the point of life if all you do is trying to achieve perfection?"

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Appearance Edit

Akira is really tall, standing at 6’5 with the legs she tends to wear, which are running prosthetics. She has a fairly athletic build as well, mainly because of her slight gigantism. Her naturally light pink hair, color that still remains on her expressionless eyebrows, has been weirdly dyed so that the colors look good in her usual haircut, so it just looks like a random mesh of colors when her hair is down. Akira’s typical haircut is composed of two small buns, one on each side of her head, and then each of those sprout into a ponytail, the left one being slightly longer than the right one. Her fringe is a complete mess, being extremely long and resting over her nose. Her dyed hair contains four colors: Light pink, her natural hair color, a darker pink, a medium purple and a dark blue, strategically placed to fit her hairstyle. She wears two gold colored hair pins, one on each side of her fringe, to keep it slightly more controlled.

Akira’s outfit is prepared for exercising at any moment. She wears a dark blue sports bra, and a black and white baseball jacket over it, normally open. She then wears a pair of black shorts, and does not need shoes due to the legs she uses normally. Both the amputations on her legs are above the knee, around mid thigh.

Her eyes are dark pink, and are slightly closed most of the time, as if she were angry.

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Backstory Edit

Akira Kuromaki, the 18 year old dancer, is known for her nearly flawless performances in various fields of urban dancing, such as dancehall and hip hop, has been known for about three years now. Firstly, she was just known for her lack of legs, however, her astonishing performances kept people interested in her.

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